Shabby Gourmet Sharing Platters are officially in business! Roll up, roll up!


This antipasti platter feeds 2-3 as a full meal or 4-6 as generous snacks with drinks. Introductory price is £40.

Below is the picnic box which will feed 4-6 people very comfortably indeed.  We four hungry Penningtons shared one for lunch and had to finish it for dinner, too!

Finally, Cornish Cream Tea - unbeatable.  2 home made scones per person, with strawberry jam, Rodda's Clotted Cream (for there is no finer clotted cream in all the land), fresh strawberries and your choice of Darjeeling, Earl Grey or Everyday Brew - all from Tea Pigs.  £7.50 per person, minimum two people.


Also available are afternoon tea, Wimbledon box, brunch box, ladies who lunch, rainbow platters - you name it.

Lead time is as little as 48 hours, depending on how busy we are.

Photos of all the options are coming asap. I just need to find a moment to make some up to photograph them. All I can tell you is that I will be giving these all the usual care and attention to detail.

You can order directly from us via email at

We are not taking orders through the website at the moment as they will all be individually made to order, so I need to confirm I can do it for you before you order and pay!

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