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The Village

Finding beauty around every corner

It's taken me ages to add this page because every day there's a new photo, a new view, a new sky- or sea-scape, and it's really hard to say "done"!


What to say about Polperro?  It is a village which can worm itself into your heart and stay there.  Forever.

Nestled in a deep valley, the village high street snakes its way, alongside the River Pol, through lovely little shops, cafés, houses, bakeries and restaurants, down to the natural harbour around which the village and its working harbour were formed.

The construction of the village is astonishing, with houses in some places seeming to be perched one atop the other, up apparently vertical cliffs. Outdoor space is highly valued, and every inch of open air which benefits from sunshine will be used with incredible ingenuity.  

The bijou, cosy, higgledy-pigglediness of the village is in stark contrast to the wide, clear, humbling seascape that opens up just a short walk (bring sensible shoes!) up the cliffs to either side of the harbour.  

East will take you up The Warren, towards Looe.  West takes you straight up the cliffs towards Polruan and Fowey.  Either way, it's an entirely stunning walk. 

Polperro is blessed with a fabulous array of shops and eateries. We are busy checking ALL of these out for you, in order to give useful info during your stay, but it's an arduous task and it may take some time 😁.  It should be noted that the village itself is a lot more quiet in the winter months, but no less stunning for all of that.  It's a pay off, really, between everything being open but busy, and lots of things being closed, but the beautiful village and countryside being just as stunning as ever.  Horses for courses.  And of course, the pubs are open all year 'round...

The village has been known as a fishing settlement since the 1200s, and its first written record is in a Royal Document dating from 1303.

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