W. C. Fields.  And Maz Pennington.

​​I always cook with wine.

Sometimes I even add it to the food.

At the Shabby Gourmet, we are passionate about food, but we know that there are a million reasons you may not have time to cook.  Maybe you’re working all the hours, maybe everyone in your family wants something different to eat, maybe a family member has specific dietary requirements, maybe it’s hard to buy ingredients to cook meals just for one person - or maybe cooking just isn’t your thing.  Luckily, it’s ours!  We can cook to any dietary requirements, to order and by arrangement.


In our ready meal section, we have a core selection of popular, classic meals, and ensure a rotation of seasonal specialties, to keep things interesting.  Virtually all of our food in this section is gluten free, but having cooked gluten free for 25 years, we are confident you would never know! 


Our sandwiches and salads are all freshly made to order on the day.  We don't use ready-made, bought in fillings - we roast our own chicken and ham at home, and our eggs are laid by chickens who we know by name and can hear waking up in the morning.


Wherever possible, we use our own, home grown produce and are working on increasing this aspect of the business through the coming months.

We are also committed to minimising single-use plastic waste, wherever possible.  Any suggestion as to how to improve this will always be most gratefully received and seriously considered.

Ready to eat?

For our selection of ready meals, lovingly home cooked and frozen without delay to keep them in peak condition, click here! 

Lunchtime deliveries

For local sandwich (etc!) deliveries, click below.

Say Hello

We're happy to consider any suggestions, from a new sandwich filling to a gluten-free banquet. Drop us a line or give us a call - get us while we're new and keen!

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