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Our very popular tartlets are all vegan and gluten free, but you'd never know it.  No compromise on taste or texture - that is always our promise.


They are available in the following flavours - please note each week is either lemon *or* lime, but not both.  

Availability for all flavours varies from week to week so please check with us before ordering specific varieties.


Chocolate & Hazelnut:  The original.  Deep, dark, velvety rich chocolate with a hint of hazelnut, decorated with chopped hazelnuts (so there can be no doubt there's nuts in them thar hills), rose petals, nibbed pistachios and rose gold sugar crystals.

Lemon:  Zingy and fresh, much lighter than a traditional egg-based lemon tart, these are absolutely glorious.


Lime:  Not a million miles from the lemon tartlets, to be honest, which is why we don't do both in the same week!  But with that extra exotic little twist of lime.  


Salted Caramel:  Sweet and unctuous, decorated with cacao glitter, deep purple cornflower petals and black lava salt, salted caramel never looked so sophisticated!


Dark Chocolate & Peppermint:  I've always loved After 8s, with that dark, sweet, rich, sharp, clean minty - stop me, I've come over all of a doodah.  These *don't* have After 8s, in - not vegan - but they have all the same thang going on.  Decorated with white and blue cornflowers, sprinkled with gold and silver sugar crystals and tiny, edible, plant-based stars.


Tartelettes au ...

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