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Shabby Gourmet Greatest Hits, right here.  We have two pieces each of Millionaire's Shortbread, Chocolate Brownie and Rocky Road (all of which are gluten-free-but-not-so's-you'-d-notice), two scones with strawberry jam and Rodda's most excellent clotted cream, two caramel and clotted cream tartlets, a new entry at number 7 is our lemon, poppyseed and blueberry bundt cake (yep, GFBNSYN), toffee popcorn, love hearts, haribo hearts, mini marshmallows, dried flowers and a nod to good health with some grapes, strawberries, blueberries and, if I can get hold of them physalis, because they're so damned pretty and they taste so good.  But they're not pictured.

NB:  It is randomly hard to get hold of some ingredients these days, for whatever reason, and therefore the contents may occasionally vary minimally from what is shown here.  Value will always be equal or higher with any variations, and we aim to keep this to a minimum, but sometimes it's out of our control.  If there were ever to be a big change, we would of course be in contact to ensure that this was okay by you.

In your Cart, when you order, there is an option to "Add a note" - please could you ensure that you put your collection date and time down in this note.  I can't emphasise enough how much that helps, in terms of making sure you get your order when you want it, and delivering a smooth service.

Also available for courier delivery - via the other link!

Sweet Platter

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