Platter of gorgeousness, beautifully displayed and tied up with string - these are a few of our favourite things!

Nestled in the centre is a Cheddar truckle - options currently are:

Flaming Heart Chilli Cheddar - Heart-shaped and covered in black wax, this is cheese with fire in its belly!  It means business.

Heart of Lincolnshire Cheddar - Creamy and rich, this is a classic Cheddar.  An absolute belter of a cheese.

Surrounded by our own dense, dark homebaked bread, ciabatta, Serrano ham, chorizo, kabanos, Morlinki sausage, Brie, Shabby Gourmet chutney, oil and vinegar, savoury tartlets - too many things to mention, actually! It's a really lovely way to treat someone special.


NB: It is randomly hard to get hold of some ingredients these days, for whatever reason, and therefore the contents may occasionally vary minimally from what is shown here. Value will always be equal or higher with any variations, and we aim to keep this to a minimum, but sometimes it's out of our control. If there were ever to be a big change, we would of course be in contact to ensure that this was okay by you.


In your Cart, when you order, there is an option to "Add a note" - please could you ensure that you put your required arrival date in the note. I can't emphasise enough how much that helps, in terms of making sure you get your order when you want it, and delivering a smooth service.  No delivery service will currently guarantee next day delivery, even if that is what you order!  We are therefore erring on the side of caution and sending out platters 48 hours ahead of required arrival.  Having said that, all of our platters are currently arriving next day, so if you had rather we dispatched to you 24 hours ahead of arrival date, just let us know.  This will be at your own risk, as we have no control once it leaves Shabby Gourmet HQ!

Also available for collection  - please order via the appropriate listing.

Savoury Gourmet Sharing Platter

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