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The Shabby Gourmet is home of the “Bake-‘Em-At-Home-And-Pass-‘Em-Off-As-Your-Own” Chocolate Brownie!

 This recipe was developed by Maz for the book “Discovering The Great British Truffle”.  

Made with (an awful lot of) Green & Black’s Fair Trade 85% Dark Chocolate, these are most definitely the richest, fudgiest, most grown-up Brownies on the block!  You can keep them in the freezer and bake directly from frozen, or thaw them out first - as you prefer.  Either way, they are a very handy, if dangerous, thing to have in your freezer…  £5 per tray, serves 1-6 people, depending on your self-control!

And yes.  They're Gluten Free.  You're welcome.

Chocolate Brownies

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